26 June, 2009

Checking in

As per usual the life I want has been put on hold for the life I have. I have not really been working on my 101 list, more important things have been begging for attention. One of those things is finding a job; I have been focusing on education based jobs, as that is my ultimate goal.

I have been to the Philly Art Museum, got a mani and a peti (with my sister no doubt), finished a chemise, ran but did not donate to a travel fund auction and have seen a bunch of movies both at home and in the theater (not actually on the list, but still fun). So that is numbers; 25, 27, 91 and 98.

I think next week I will start on no. 6, with Thankful Thursday and may be no. 12 or 23, depending on if I'm feeling like fiction or non. Then once things quit down there will be some mad sewing in order to make one more chemise and two non fitted dresses, no. 27 again. The fitted dresses will happen after I loose all the wieght and complete no. 57.

01 June, 2009

Week 2

Yep it is in fact Monday. Last week ended up not being nearly as productive as planned. But today is starting off the week well. I have a new short post over at Organically Yours and I have some other articles sketched out. I never got my poem up last Wednesday, actually I didn't have anything new to put up; but I do know and I will except tardy, just this once, and hope to get it up tonight.

I have a few non 101 things in the queue this week, so we shall see how much gets done.

26 May, 2009

Week 1

Not bad for a first week. I took care of number 53, and now have a working sewing machine. I also worked on number 27, I am almost done with a chemise; I am also thinking about editing this one, I have less historical clothing then I thought. This past week I also started working on number 7.

This week I will be finishing my chemise, I have some other unplanned sewing to do and hope to cut and start a non fitted dress. I am also planning on doing some reading about period stitches and construction methods, as part of 15. Sewing, garments and fabric will not be one of the 'in depth side projects', it is already greatly researched and not that much of a challenge, comparatively. I will also be posting another poem to my LJ (a realworld friends only account) oh and plan to explain the SCA and medieval recreation to all of you here. There should be something up on Organiclly Yours, as well, in the next week.

18 May, 2009

The List

Here it is; I technically started on Friday May 15, 2009 and I should finish on Friday February 10 2012. It seems like a long way off now, but we'll see what I am saying in two years.

1.submit for publication (until published)
2.compose and edit a “chat” book
3.write and illustrate two children's books
4.write a poem a day for a month
5.write one real blog post every week for three months
6.do thankful thursday every week for three months
7.post one poem to LJ every Wednesday for three months
8.try five different poem forms; write three poems in each
9.fine tune three essays
10.learn period poem form, write in it and teach it
11.read (reread) 5 Newbery Medal books
12.read 5 Caldecott Medal books
13.read 5 other childern's award winning books

14.write paper on the medieval domestic goddess (aka grand persona project)
15.learn and try all tasks my persona would know; become proficient at four
16.teach on two of them (not poetry)
17.sub project A.
18.sub project B.
19.sub project C.
20.sub project. D.
21.enter an A&S contest
22.create a period heraldic display
23.learn more about the hundred years war period (be able to converse on it)
24.write Pennsic Diary in voice of persona
25.donate items to travel fund (three times)
26.work in a kitchen for an event
27.increase wardrobe: 3 fitted cotes, 2 non fitted dresses, 4 chemises, 4 pair hoes

28.plant organic garden, from seeds
29.save seeds
30.make compost
31.learn to can
32.make one new recipe a week for three months
33.bake something every week for three months
34.make yogurt
35.make sourdough bread
36.make soft cheese
37.make hard cheese
38.make butterscotch
39.try home brewing
40.make fermented veggies

41.complete Bachelors Degree
42.get teaching certification
43.look into Masters Degree
44.become proficient at Latin (again)
45.learn German, Gaelic or French
46.Brush up on basic biology
47.due some natural history studies
48.set up writing/school conducive area (i.e. my desk)

49.take drawing class
50.take water colour class
51.practice botanical drawing
52.start and maintain an ETSY shop
53.fix sewing machine
54.sew a non sca dress
55.make soap (from fat and lye)
56.make hand slave and lip balm

57.loose 60 pounds by Spring '10
58.enroll in dance class (series)
59.practice yoga one class a week + two days a week at home for three months
60.go to the gym five days a week for two months
61.reread and begin implementing NT
62.swim two more lap a week until I reach 70 laps (about 1 mile)
63.implement natural remedies
64.see chiropractor or acupuncturist

66.read bible in a year
67.read apocryphal books
68.say a novena a month for three months
69.learn about the angels and saints
71.learn my prayers in Latin
72.say grace every meal for two weeks
73.say nightly prayers for one month
74.go to a latin mass

75.see a financial planner
76.start retirement fund
77.create yearly budget for three years
78.save monthly for 24 months
79.implement automatic bill paying

80.Go to Franklin institute
81.go to Niagara Falls
82.Do Washington- Smithsonian
83.go to Muppet exhibit in Doylstown
84.go to Mystic Seaport and Aquarium
85.go to Peabody Museum
86.go to Sturbridge Village
87.go to Red Sox game with Meredith or other friends
88.go to the theater 2 times per year
89.go to three botanical gardens
90.go to the zoo
91.go to the Philadelphia Art museum every month until the end of '09
92.go to the Met once a year
93.vacation in a US city
94.go to the Cape (weekend at least)

95.buy dress from Anthropology
96.new photo shoot, after hitting goal weight
97.get hair cut three times a year
98.get manicure and pedicure three times a year
99.volunteer for childeren's group once a month for 12 months
100.volunteer for a second cause
101. send Christmas cards (for three Christmases)

Day Zero

It looks a little different around her, that's because Organically Yours has moved. I have not given up on it, in fact it will even be mentioned in future posts here. But on to meat of this post...

There is project, a movement really, to do 101 things in 1001 days. It's about doable goals and a challenge. And because I love a list and a goal, I have signed up. And also because in my world every project needs its own notebook, this is now my 101 List notebook.

There are some categories and things that need a bit of explaining, and I will when I get to them. There will also be more links and info coming.

And if you are looking for organic green living goodness try here.

02 April, 2009

Diet not Dieting

I think it was about this time last year that I started reading about Nourishing Traditions; I read the book late last spring and have tried a few recipes. But my great traditional diet plan fell through, partly do to my love of boxed cereal and all things baked. And in the time since last year I have gained a bit of weight, part do to diet, part to to Fibro treatments/medications and part to an over worked under producing thyriod. Well the medical issues are more under control so now it's time to focus on the food.

I've decided, thanks to a few blogs I'm reading, to reread NT and see if I implament any of it in my diet. I have read that there is a new cook book out that uses the NT principles and I plan to put it on the to read list as well.

There will also be some regular posts here about it.

Also I owe you all some photos, I forgot my camera last weekend, but will bring it this coming weekend so you can all see my secret new job.

23 March, 2009

No I have not forgotten all of you. It has been a bit busy around here and non of it was post worthy. There has been cleaning and applying for jobs. The past few days have given me some post ideas, so I am hoping there will be something new for you to read later this week. I still ow you all a post or two about the Flower Show and there may be some fitness and exercise info coming up. Also I will be revealing my new part-time job, with photo evidence.

13 March, 2009

Slow Down This Sunday

When: Sunday March 15 at 7:00 pm
Where: CBS's 60 Minutes
Who: Alice Waters from Slow Food Nation

Yes it seems that mainstream media has picked up on what is going on and has decided to help spread the new. I plan to watch it, and give a brief review for those who don't have televisions (I didn't for years, and that was before You Tube). Stop back on here Sunday Night for more information.

"She's done more to change how we Americans eat, cook and think about food than anyone since Julia Child."
--Lesley Stahl

06 March, 2009

And the Winner Is...

Amy Ellen! Who has a most yummy blog that you should all check out. She was the only entry, sadly for me. Well my dear, I will be keeping an eye out for some special southern freindly seeds tomorrow.

05 March, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I almost forgot to be thankful!
This week I'd have to say I'm thankful for Spring being on its way and that this weekend I will be getting a little taste of it. Also for the inspiration to be writing more.

I know it's a bit lacking this week, but it's been a very quiet here.

Food Declaration

I have mentioned the Slow Food movement before; and I have been thinking a bit about it lately. I have fallen off my slow moving bandwagon. I was on their site today and remembered I had never posted the link to the Food Declaration. From the site:

1. Current policy is mired in a 20th century industrial paradigm, where the primary goals are limited to production volume, efficiency of feeding, and ensured profits for commodity producers and those they supply, thereby, benefiting too few.
2. People, ecosystems, and rural economies are becoming less healthy as a direct result of current American policy.
3. The efforts to solve food and agriculture challeng
es are not being addressed to the degree required by the scale of the problems.
4. The last farm bill cycle confirmed that too few control the debate and they are focused on protecting the status quo rather than aiding the broader population of the nation.

I urge you all to read and sign The Declaration and hope that you also take a stroll through their site and that of Slow food Nation.

03 March, 2009

For your Viewing Enjoyment

I have had this song stuck in my head, off and on, since I heard it on A Prairie Home Companion, months ago. It's one of those songs that was written for both children and adults who have a silly side.

02 March, 2009

Bloggaversary and Giveaway

In the past months I have seen fellow bloggers reach the one year mark; many of them have fully developed blogs, with regular posts, series on a related topic and many followers and commenters. I think it makes my blog feel a little neglected. It is of course my own fault, I started this project at a time when I had others going on in real life. Ones I didn't want to post about regularly. I mean who wants to read about PT and trying new medications.

So, somethings seem to be getting settled and some positive things seem to be taking off, I am hoping that year two will be far more interesting, educating, green, healthy and post-able if not compost-able. I have tabled my home remedies series, just for a month or so; I have decided to write them all and then release them one a week. I am also hoping to regularly do Thankful Thursday, and maybe get some of you in on it. I think March might see some spring cleaning of the kitchen cupboards and fun ways to get the blood moving. April has a special surprise, a hint it has to do with my new job. Yes I'll be working again, but I am over excited about my new job.

But for now I have, for you, a Give Away! I will be at the Philly Flower Show later this week and plan to start my seeds this coming weekend. I will be buying some special seed packets just for the winner. But I'm going to make you work for it. All you need to do is leave a comment with a question for me or something you would like to see me write about; I also need an email address if you don't have a blog or one listed in your blog, and finally what planting zone you are in. The drawing will be Thursday morning.

Good Luck and I can't wait to hear from all of you,


27 February, 2009

To Health

It is Thursday and I challenge you all to be thankful.

I am thankful for having a week so filled with health that I have been running around doing things I normally can't (like having nearly all the house clean, sparkling clean, all at once). It has kept me from sitting to actually write, but it has filled me with ideas.

I am thankful that spring is almost here, and that DH and I are going to the Philly Flower Show next week, and that my Mom is planning on coming down to join us.

I am thankful for friends who are willing to get up early and come to brunch to celebrate DH's birthday on Sunday. And that said friends are talented and generous enough to bring things so I don't have to cook it all.

I am thankful for having two job offers.

I am thankful that on Monday I will be having my one year blogaversary, and I am thankful that I will be able to share it with you all by hosting my first giveaway. Come back Monday to find out.

I am thankful for another week to live.

16 February, 2009

Hello All

It's been a while, yet again. Well between bronchitis, two rounds of stomach bugs and a bit of traveling in between, my brain has not been interesting in giving me things to write. Well the house is beginning to regain order and a state of health and I am over my writer's block and there are posts in the work.

With all the resents coughs, aches and ickies I have been inspired to do a series on at home, non drug, ways to fix or atleast manage some of the common health complanets. I hope to have the first installment tomrrow.

Hope all is well with you. And I leave you with this photo from a recent trip to Conneticut to visit my family.


26 January, 2009

The 'Sick' Word

On my last post I had a comment that really made me stop and think about how I approach some things...

Hello. I notice that you head your blog "a sick girl" and I wonder if therein lies a good deal of your problems.

I too have many health issues (not only fibromyalgia but other truly debilitating problems) and I don't label myself as 'sick'. Yes I have many problems and life gets hard but they are bodily problems -my mind is healthy. I remain optimistic and have a hopeful and thankful outlook on life. Thankful because however bad I am feeling these are not terminal illnesses - you only need to be in the company of someone worse off than yourself to have your own problems put into perspective.
One thing I would do is change your header - saying you are a sick girl immediately show you to be someone who is dwelling on their illness, even to the extent that you are revelling in it. Sure, life is hard when you have problems but you should look at the bigger picture - you don't have a terminal illness, you get by with less pain than some people have to endure. Try not to be so inward looking and enjoying being sick and I can assure you that people will begin to treat you differently - as a whole person, not someone who classes themselves as 'sick'.
It is easy to fall into the trap of being a 'sick' person, almost to the extent of wallowing in your 'sick' state. I hope this advice will help you and perhaps you could leave a comment in this section about your reaction to these comments.

Thank you for your comment, I have actually spent much of the weekend mulling it over. I totally understand how you might interpret the word "sick". I try to live a life thankful for what I have, and I don't need to be around someone sicker than myself to realize how worse it could be. But being still a few years away from 30, sick for more than half my life and having a down-turn in health makes a person wholey aware of their health issues. These health issuess and those of both the earth and those on the earth helped spawn the idea of starting this blog. I understand that my focus in writing has not fully come together; but the header is a testament to my daily life. I am sick, I work towards health every day, some days I get there and some days I don't, but regardless I get up the next day (with my bones creaking like an old house) and try all over agian.

I am not reveling in being sick, I am owning something that is part of my life. The people who know me well, my friends and family, don't treat me any less or any different. Except some of my burlier male friends hug me a little gentler than they do my husband, and my friends understand when I have to cancel because I have another infection or have muscle cramps in my legs and can't walk.

Notice that the words "healthy" and "green" also apear in the header. This blog is a daily journey and the reason maybe because of sickness, but the journey is about health. Healthy of the body, the mind, the spirit and the planet.

19 January, 2009

New Year, New Week, New Post

In years past I have made New Year's Resolutions; they were broad and vague and usually forgotten by the end of January. But this year is different, this year I vow to make no New Year's Resolutions. I vow to take life month by month, week by week and day by day. I have places where I would like to be in a year and in five years. But as life so frequently needs us to be, I will be flexible and reevaluate my time frames and check lists. My hope is that in being a little bit more Organic in how I style my life, my lifestyle will follow suit. And that with some meditation, a little bit of prayer, and a lot of work, I will be able to meet my goals for this year.This was supposed to be ready for the first Monday of the year; but it was still percolating. See, I'm taking this year week by week.

photo credit: Me at the 2008 Philadelphia Flower Show, take by R (my loving husband)

14 January, 2009

The Word

Whether you are a Bible Scholar, Language Buff, Literature Fiend or Religious this site might appeal to you: http://originalbible.com/ . As more than one of the above I am very excited about this project.

There is an ancient Jewish adage regarding translating the Scriptures, “One who translates a verse literally is misrepresenting the text, but one who adds anything of his own is a blasphemer.” This new translation uses transparency, "The basic idea of transparency is that one should be able to “peer through” the English translation, and, to whatever extent possible, see, hear, and even feel, the dynamics of the original text." They hope to better represent the originals use of language, including alliteration, puns and word plays, idioms, rhythms, redundancies, and obscurities, the the reader can better understand some of the nuances for them selves. There is a reason that for centuries both the Catholic and Jewish religious leaders and scholars learned the language of the original texts. I read what has been posted on the site already and it is fare more beautiful than what my Oxford Scholars Bible has in it's pages (and though I do actually own more that one bible, the others were not at hand, I think they were not at hand at the time).

I do look forward to the release of this translation.

photo credit: The Bible 1601 by Allyson Ricketts
and He Inspects the First Sheet of His Bible from Giclee Print