26 June, 2009

Checking in

As per usual the life I want has been put on hold for the life I have. I have not really been working on my 101 list, more important things have been begging for attention. One of those things is finding a job; I have been focusing on education based jobs, as that is my ultimate goal.

I have been to the Philly Art Museum, got a mani and a peti (with my sister no doubt), finished a chemise, ran but did not donate to a travel fund auction and have seen a bunch of movies both at home and in the theater (not actually on the list, but still fun). So that is numbers; 25, 27, 91 and 98.

I think next week I will start on no. 6, with Thankful Thursday and may be no. 12 or 23, depending on if I'm feeling like fiction or non. Then once things quit down there will be some mad sewing in order to make one more chemise and two non fitted dresses, no. 27 again. The fitted dresses will happen after I loose all the wieght and complete no. 57.

01 June, 2009

Week 2

Yep it is in fact Monday. Last week ended up not being nearly as productive as planned. But today is starting off the week well. I have a new short post over at Organically Yours and I have some other articles sketched out. I never got my poem up last Wednesday, actually I didn't have anything new to put up; but I do know and I will except tardy, just this once, and hope to get it up tonight.

I have a few non 101 things in the queue this week, so we shall see how much gets done.