23 March, 2009

No I have not forgotten all of you. It has been a bit busy around here and non of it was post worthy. There has been cleaning and applying for jobs. The past few days have given me some post ideas, so I am hoping there will be something new for you to read later this week. I still ow you all a post or two about the Flower Show and there may be some fitness and exercise info coming up. Also I will be revealing my new part-time job, with photo evidence.

13 March, 2009

Slow Down This Sunday

When: Sunday March 15 at 7:00 pm
Where: CBS's 60 Minutes
Who: Alice Waters from Slow Food Nation

Yes it seems that mainstream media has picked up on what is going on and has decided to help spread the new. I plan to watch it, and give a brief review for those who don't have televisions (I didn't for years, and that was before You Tube). Stop back on here Sunday Night for more information.

"She's done more to change how we Americans eat, cook and think about food than anyone since Julia Child."
--Lesley Stahl

06 March, 2009

And the Winner Is...

Amy Ellen! Who has a most yummy blog that you should all check out. She was the only entry, sadly for me. Well my dear, I will be keeping an eye out for some special southern freindly seeds tomorrow.

05 March, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I almost forgot to be thankful!
This week I'd have to say I'm thankful for Spring being on its way and that this weekend I will be getting a little taste of it. Also for the inspiration to be writing more.

I know it's a bit lacking this week, but it's been a very quiet here.

Food Declaration

I have mentioned the Slow Food movement before; and I have been thinking a bit about it lately. I have fallen off my slow moving bandwagon. I was on their site today and remembered I had never posted the link to the Food Declaration. From the site:

1. Current policy is mired in a 20th century industrial paradigm, where the primary goals are limited to production volume, efficiency of feeding, and ensured profits for commodity producers and those they supply, thereby, benefiting too few.
2. People, ecosystems, and rural economies are becoming less healthy as a direct result of current American policy.
3. The efforts to solve food and agriculture challeng
es are not being addressed to the degree required by the scale of the problems.
4. The last farm bill cycle confirmed that too few control the debate and they are focused on protecting the status quo rather than aiding the broader population of the nation.

I urge you all to read and sign The Declaration and hope that you also take a stroll through their site and that of Slow food Nation.

03 March, 2009

For your Viewing Enjoyment

I have had this song stuck in my head, off and on, since I heard it on A Prairie Home Companion, months ago. It's one of those songs that was written for both children and adults who have a silly side.

02 March, 2009

Bloggaversary and Giveaway

In the past months I have seen fellow bloggers reach the one year mark; many of them have fully developed blogs, with regular posts, series on a related topic and many followers and commenters. I think it makes my blog feel a little neglected. It is of course my own fault, I started this project at a time when I had others going on in real life. Ones I didn't want to post about regularly. I mean who wants to read about PT and trying new medications.

So, somethings seem to be getting settled and some positive things seem to be taking off, I am hoping that year two will be far more interesting, educating, green, healthy and post-able if not compost-able. I have tabled my home remedies series, just for a month or so; I have decided to write them all and then release them one a week. I am also hoping to regularly do Thankful Thursday, and maybe get some of you in on it. I think March might see some spring cleaning of the kitchen cupboards and fun ways to get the blood moving. April has a special surprise, a hint it has to do with my new job. Yes I'll be working again, but I am over excited about my new job.

But for now I have, for you, a Give Away! I will be at the Philly Flower Show later this week and plan to start my seeds this coming weekend. I will be buying some special seed packets just for the winner. But I'm going to make you work for it. All you need to do is leave a comment with a question for me or something you would like to see me write about; I also need an email address if you don't have a blog or one listed in your blog, and finally what planting zone you are in. The drawing will be Thursday morning.

Good Luck and I can't wait to hear from all of you,