31 March, 2008

Just a weekly update... My seeds didn't get planted this weekend; after my SIL's baby shower and some public crying in church on Sunday I just didn't feel up to it. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow, we'll be going over my new diet ect. and I will post in detail about my research on Elimination and Rotation diets. They are great for food allergies or intolerances. Also The sheep aren't getting shoarn until later in the spring, but we do have new baby chicks; I'm hoping to get something up about them too. Hope you all have a lovely week.

25 March, 2008

Needing and Wanting

I have been thinking lately about the things we need verses the things we want; sometimes the line between the two is so faint that one may not be able to tell the difference. I need shelter, but I want a nice (simple and modest) home. I need to eat, but I want to create nutritious, delectable organic meals. I must cloth myself, but I want to wear feminine and flattering clothing.

There are things that I want so badly that I have convinced myself that I need them.

I think I may be suffering from a case of the green eyed monster. There are many things in life that I want; good health, secure finances, a comfortable hospitable home, babies, time and energy to write, sew and craft, and a hobby farm/home stead. There are a number of people in my life who are in a similar place, but they are attaining the very same things I want. I am over joyed for them. And though I try to be as pure in heart and thought as possible; part of me envies them. I do not deny these people their blessings, I think they are wholly deserving. It is not for me to question, but I still want to know why. Why it is that I am plagued by bad health and a broken body when all I want is a strong healthy body and soul that can till the earth and create.

I don't mean to sound whiny. I intend to be inquisitive and contemplative.

Is it that I am doing something so wrong that I am denying myself or sabotaging myself? Or despite all that I want for myself, does God want something different for me, or of me?

I have been meditating on this for few weeks, quietly thinking about it. I'm strong willed and I pray for others, but I don't pray for guidance. It maybe time for me to start, but I'm not sure where.

Maybe what all this boils down to is that I want to know what it is that I need verses what I want; and what it is the "Universe" wants and needs of me.

24 March, 2008

Just popping in to say; HI!. I hope everyone is doing well and had a restful weekend and joyous Easter. I have been a bit more sick than usual and am catching up on everyone's blogs. I'm doing a bit better, but will be making some lifestyle and health changes starting this week. The main one will be starting a detox and rotation diet. Also with spring here and the weather warming up I will be starting my seeds and shearing the sheep soon. I will be posting about both of these soon.

10 March, 2008

The Heart of A Marriage

Our bed is very important to us. My husband and I both love to sleep; and one of our luxuries is our bed. After our wedding we bought a new mattress and antique bed frame, we also received amazing bed linens as wedding gifts. Our bed is were we cuddle in the morning, and giggle late at night. We talk about what is on our mind and we play; its were we rejuvenate our bodies, our spirits and our marriage.

One of my favorite things is Clean Sheet Day. And I have realized that one of the easiest things I can do with the 10 minutes I have to do house work is... Yep; make the bed. My husband was actually still asleep in it when I left this morning, but when I got home from work I went up stairs and made the bed. I love to smooth out the sheets and spray them with lavender water. I pull the covers up and spread out the quilt that was made by a good friend as a gift to my saragget mother, who has passed of cancer. And I put all of our "bed friends" in there place; the porcelain doll I have had since childhood (-R's childhood doll is to fragile to bed on th bed, he lives in my old wicker doll bassinet.) and a three monkeys that were gifts between -R and I, there are also two poppets (hand made dollies with no faces).

So in ending my ramblings. Our marriage bed is more than just a place to sleep. It is a place for US.

What's important in your marriages?

06 March, 2008

Thankful Thursday

My job has been a point of upset lately, some days I am even resentful of it. I shouldn't be. So today I decided to be mindful of all the good things about my job, and to give thanks for them.

~I genuinely like all of my co-works, and they not only like me but are concerned for me and give me extra help on my bad health days.

~I work on a college campus and have access to a library, gym and cultural events.

~I get to work book-signings were I hear interesting readings and lectures; and meet fellow writers.

~I have a generous discount and can order books from almost any publisher. I also get to take home snacks that are expired (but still yummy) for free.

~I provide and important serves to students, I'm the one who processes book request and order the books. I help in the educations of many.

~my job provides the money we need to cover my medical expenses.

So... Today I am thankful for my job and my awesome co-works.

02 March, 2008

First Post

Hi I have had a live journal for years as a way to keep up with daily life among myself and my friends who I don't get to see regularly. This blog's focus is my job as wife and homemaker. I was married in June and moved from Connecticut to Philadelphia. My goal is to meet new friends and share thoughts and experiences of home and life.

Right now we are a two income family, my husband has an average paying job; but he came with debt. My pay check only covers my health care and medication. I have Juvenile Fibromyalgia, Peripheral Neuropathy and a low immune system causing frequents colds and infections. I'm expensive and don't always have the energy or am in to much pain to do my household duties and work.