10 March, 2008

The Heart of A Marriage

Our bed is very important to us. My husband and I both love to sleep; and one of our luxuries is our bed. After our wedding we bought a new mattress and antique bed frame, we also received amazing bed linens as wedding gifts. Our bed is were we cuddle in the morning, and giggle late at night. We talk about what is on our mind and we play; its were we rejuvenate our bodies, our spirits and our marriage.

One of my favorite things is Clean Sheet Day. And I have realized that one of the easiest things I can do with the 10 minutes I have to do house work is... Yep; make the bed. My husband was actually still asleep in it when I left this morning, but when I got home from work I went up stairs and made the bed. I love to smooth out the sheets and spray them with lavender water. I pull the covers up and spread out the quilt that was made by a good friend as a gift to my saragget mother, who has passed of cancer. And I put all of our "bed friends" in there place; the porcelain doll I have had since childhood (-R's childhood doll is to fragile to bed on th bed, he lives in my old wicker doll bassinet.) and a three monkeys that were gifts between -R and I, there are also two poppets (hand made dollies with no faces).

So in ending my ramblings. Our marriage bed is more than just a place to sleep. It is a place for US.

What's important in your marriages?


Karen said...

I agree, for a while when my husband was having trouble sleeping he had me and the baby sleep in the guest room. It almost tore our marriage apart! You never think how important that bed is until you try to leave it. We actually had to go to counseling before I could convince him that married couples need to sleep together. Things have been so much better since!

Anneatheart said...

Our bed is very important to us too- we are really missing our very nice pillow top mattress, but we had an extra bed and we gave that one to my sister. My next goal after Easter is to redo our bedroom and make it look great! Can I do that on a budget? We'll see...

About the series, what would you like me to do? I'm no expert, just something of a human encyclopedia of health info :)