06 March, 2008

Thankful Thursday

My job has been a point of upset lately, some days I am even resentful of it. I shouldn't be. So today I decided to be mindful of all the good things about my job, and to give thanks for them.

~I genuinely like all of my co-works, and they not only like me but are concerned for me and give me extra help on my bad health days.

~I work on a college campus and have access to a library, gym and cultural events.

~I get to work book-signings were I hear interesting readings and lectures; and meet fellow writers.

~I have a generous discount and can order books from almost any publisher. I also get to take home snacks that are expired (but still yummy) for free.

~I provide and important serves to students, I'm the one who processes book request and order the books. I help in the educations of many.

~my job provides the money we need to cover my medical expenses.

So... Today I am thankful for my job and my awesome co-works.

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