05 March, 2009

Food Declaration

I have mentioned the Slow Food movement before; and I have been thinking a bit about it lately. I have fallen off my slow moving bandwagon. I was on their site today and remembered I had never posted the link to the Food Declaration. From the site:

1. Current policy is mired in a 20th century industrial paradigm, where the primary goals are limited to production volume, efficiency of feeding, and ensured profits for commodity producers and those they supply, thereby, benefiting too few.
2. People, ecosystems, and rural economies are becoming less healthy as a direct result of current American policy.
3. The efforts to solve food and agriculture challeng
es are not being addressed to the degree required by the scale of the problems.
4. The last farm bill cycle confirmed that too few control the debate and they are focused on protecting the status quo rather than aiding the broader population of the nation.

I urge you all to read and sign The Declaration and hope that you also take a stroll through their site and that of Slow food Nation.


Haney Armstrong said...

Thank you, every signature counts in order to build a movement for a better food policy.

Mrs.KAOS said...

It's nice to see a new face, thanks for coming by. Food policy is much more than just what we eat, and I'm glad there is a way for a large group to voice their opinion.