02 April, 2009

Diet not Dieting

I think it was about this time last year that I started reading about Nourishing Traditions; I read the book late last spring and have tried a few recipes. But my great traditional diet plan fell through, partly do to my love of boxed cereal and all things baked. And in the time since last year I have gained a bit of weight, part do to diet, part to to Fibro treatments/medications and part to an over worked under producing thyriod. Well the medical issues are more under control so now it's time to focus on the food.

I've decided, thanks to a few blogs I'm reading, to reread NT and see if I implament any of it in my diet. I have read that there is a new cook book out that uses the NT principles and I plan to put it on the to read list as well.

There will also be some regular posts here about it.

Also I owe you all some photos, I forgot my camera last weekend, but will bring it this coming weekend so you can all see my secret new job.

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