26 January, 2009

The 'Sick' Word

On my last post I had a comment that really made me stop and think about how I approach some things...

Hello. I notice that you head your blog "a sick girl" and I wonder if therein lies a good deal of your problems.

I too have many health issues (not only fibromyalgia but other truly debilitating problems) and I don't label myself as 'sick'. Yes I have many problems and life gets hard but they are bodily problems -my mind is healthy. I remain optimistic and have a hopeful and thankful outlook on life. Thankful because however bad I am feeling these are not terminal illnesses - you only need to be in the company of someone worse off than yourself to have your own problems put into perspective.
One thing I would do is change your header - saying you are a sick girl immediately show you to be someone who is dwelling on their illness, even to the extent that you are revelling in it. Sure, life is hard when you have problems but you should look at the bigger picture - you don't have a terminal illness, you get by with less pain than some people have to endure. Try not to be so inward looking and enjoying being sick and I can assure you that people will begin to treat you differently - as a whole person, not someone who classes themselves as 'sick'.
It is easy to fall into the trap of being a 'sick' person, almost to the extent of wallowing in your 'sick' state. I hope this advice will help you and perhaps you could leave a comment in this section about your reaction to these comments.

Thank you for your comment, I have actually spent much of the weekend mulling it over. I totally understand how you might interpret the word "sick". I try to live a life thankful for what I have, and I don't need to be around someone sicker than myself to realize how worse it could be. But being still a few years away from 30, sick for more than half my life and having a down-turn in health makes a person wholey aware of their health issues. These health issuess and those of both the earth and those on the earth helped spawn the idea of starting this blog. I understand that my focus in writing has not fully come together; but the header is a testament to my daily life. I am sick, I work towards health every day, some days I get there and some days I don't, but regardless I get up the next day (with my bones creaking like an old house) and try all over agian.

I am not reveling in being sick, I am owning something that is part of my life. The people who know me well, my friends and family, don't treat me any less or any different. Except some of my burlier male friends hug me a little gentler than they do my husband, and my friends understand when I have to cancel because I have another infection or have muscle cramps in my legs and can't walk.

Notice that the words "healthy" and "green" also apear in the header. This blog is a daily journey and the reason maybe because of sickness, but the journey is about health. Healthy of the body, the mind, the spirit and the planet.


Amy Ellen said...

Thanks for the follow on my blog. I hope that you will find some good information about how to find health... starting with your cells. I appreciate our common-thoughts about doing our part for a healthy planet. I'll check back on your blog often!

Amy Ellen said...

Haven't heard from you. Are you okay? Should we be concerned?