14 January, 2009

The Word

Whether you are a Bible Scholar, Language Buff, Literature Fiend or Religious this site might appeal to you: http://originalbible.com/ . As more than one of the above I am very excited about this project.

There is an ancient Jewish adage regarding translating the Scriptures, “One who translates a verse literally is misrepresenting the text, but one who adds anything of his own is a blasphemer.” This new translation uses transparency, "The basic idea of transparency is that one should be able to “peer through” the English translation, and, to whatever extent possible, see, hear, and even feel, the dynamics of the original text." They hope to better represent the originals use of language, including alliteration, puns and word plays, idioms, rhythms, redundancies, and obscurities, the the reader can better understand some of the nuances for them selves. There is a reason that for centuries both the Catholic and Jewish religious leaders and scholars learned the language of the original texts. I read what has been posted on the site already and it is fare more beautiful than what my Oxford Scholars Bible has in it's pages (and though I do actually own more that one bible, the others were not at hand, I think they were not at hand at the time).

I do look forward to the release of this translation.

photo credit: The Bible 1601 by Allyson Ricketts
and He Inspects the First Sheet of His Bible from Giclee Print

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Karinann said...

Thank you for your comment to my post "Thank God For Good Bible Translations". I will also check out the site you suggested. As a Catholic(especially a reverted one) I am thanful for the way we are taught to read and interpret Scripture- together with Sacred Tradition and the Magesterial teaching of the Church. I will keep your reversion in my prayers as well as the sufferings your illness may cause.
God Bless!
Karin @
Daughter of the King