18 May, 2009

The List

Here it is; I technically started on Friday May 15, 2009 and I should finish on Friday February 10 2012. It seems like a long way off now, but we'll see what I am saying in two years.

1.submit for publication (until published)
2.compose and edit a “chat” book
3.write and illustrate two children's books
4.write a poem a day for a month
5.write one real blog post every week for three months
6.do thankful thursday every week for three months
7.post one poem to LJ every Wednesday for three months
8.try five different poem forms; write three poems in each
9.fine tune three essays
10.learn period poem form, write in it and teach it
11.read (reread) 5 Newbery Medal books
12.read 5 Caldecott Medal books
13.read 5 other childern's award winning books

14.write paper on the medieval domestic goddess (aka grand persona project)
15.learn and try all tasks my persona would know; become proficient at four
16.teach on two of them (not poetry)
17.sub project A.
18.sub project B.
19.sub project C.
20.sub project. D.
21.enter an A&S contest
22.create a period heraldic display
23.learn more about the hundred years war period (be able to converse on it)
24.write Pennsic Diary in voice of persona
25.donate items to travel fund (three times)
26.work in a kitchen for an event
27.increase wardrobe: 3 fitted cotes, 2 non fitted dresses, 4 chemises, 4 pair hoes

28.plant organic garden, from seeds
29.save seeds
30.make compost
31.learn to can
32.make one new recipe a week for three months
33.bake something every week for three months
34.make yogurt
35.make sourdough bread
36.make soft cheese
37.make hard cheese
38.make butterscotch
39.try home brewing
40.make fermented veggies

41.complete Bachelors Degree
42.get teaching certification
43.look into Masters Degree
44.become proficient at Latin (again)
45.learn German, Gaelic or French
46.Brush up on basic biology
47.due some natural history studies
48.set up writing/school conducive area (i.e. my desk)

49.take drawing class
50.take water colour class
51.practice botanical drawing
52.start and maintain an ETSY shop
53.fix sewing machine
54.sew a non sca dress
55.make soap (from fat and lye)
56.make hand slave and lip balm

57.loose 60 pounds by Spring '10
58.enroll in dance class (series)
59.practice yoga one class a week + two days a week at home for three months
60.go to the gym five days a week for two months
61.reread and begin implementing NT
62.swim two more lap a week until I reach 70 laps (about 1 mile)
63.implement natural remedies
64.see chiropractor or acupuncturist

66.read bible in a year
67.read apocryphal books
68.say a novena a month for three months
69.learn about the angels and saints
71.learn my prayers in Latin
72.say grace every meal for two weeks
73.say nightly prayers for one month
74.go to a latin mass

75.see a financial planner
76.start retirement fund
77.create yearly budget for three years
78.save monthly for 24 months
79.implement automatic bill paying

80.Go to Franklin institute
81.go to Niagara Falls
82.Do Washington- Smithsonian
83.go to Muppet exhibit in Doylstown
84.go to Mystic Seaport and Aquarium
85.go to Peabody Museum
86.go to Sturbridge Village
87.go to Red Sox game with Meredith or other friends
88.go to the theater 2 times per year
89.go to three botanical gardens
90.go to the zoo
91.go to the Philadelphia Art museum every month until the end of '09
92.go to the Met once a year
93.vacation in a US city
94.go to the Cape (weekend at least)

95.buy dress from Anthropology
96.new photo shoot, after hitting goal weight
97.get hair cut three times a year
98.get manicure and pedicure three times a year
99.volunteer for childeren's group once a month for 12 months
100.volunteer for a second cause
101. send Christmas cards (for three Christmases)

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Rims said...

Hi, I just dropped by here. I will be joining the 101/1001 :)still coming up with my goals :)

All the best!