26 May, 2009

Week 1

Not bad for a first week. I took care of number 53, and now have a working sewing machine. I also worked on number 27, I am almost done with a chemise; I am also thinking about editing this one, I have less historical clothing then I thought. This past week I also started working on number 7.

This week I will be finishing my chemise, I have some other unplanned sewing to do and hope to cut and start a non fitted dress. I am also planning on doing some reading about period stitches and construction methods, as part of 15. Sewing, garments and fabric will not be one of the 'in depth side projects', it is already greatly researched and not that much of a challenge, comparatively. I will also be posting another poem to my LJ (a realworld friends only account) oh and plan to explain the SCA and medieval recreation to all of you here. There should be something up on Organiclly Yours, as well, in the next week.

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