01 December, 2008

Home and Hibernating

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and Thanksgiving. R. and I were up in Connecticut visiting my family. I really miss them and the state I grew up in. My mother made a wonderful holiday dinner for our small clan; and my grandmother made a warm comfort food dinner for us on Saturday, before we drove home. I was very thankful to be "Home", how ever it was nice to arrive home late on Saturday.

Were I was raised will always be "Home"; Connecticut and my family are a large part of who I am, and who I want to be. But were my bed is will also always be home; it's were I rest my head and live on a daily basis. I can not just occupy a house, I must live in a home.

On Sunday our house went from home to den. After putting on our winter weight over the weekend, R. and I decided to hibernate on Sunday. We were both very worn out and in need of a quite rejuvenating day. We woke up a few times to walk the dog, have some dinner and watch a few Christmas movies; but other than that it was a day of sleeping. It really is a Joy to have a day were you can lounge around in your pajamas with one of your favorite people.

However, this morning began a new week and a new month. R. went off to work and I am here trying to organize the week. There is a lot to be done this week; the laundry is waiting for me and the house needs to be put back to straits and thoroughly cleaned before we decorate for Christmas.

I hope you all have a productive and peaceful week.

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