04 December, 2008


Usually when people have a crisis of Faith they find that their Faith is lacking something and that maybe they had Faith in something that isn't really there. This past week I have been finding that I am having the opposite. I am finding that maybe I don't have enough Faith and that maybe I need to close my eyes and just trust and believe. I was raised very Catholic, as a teen with issues and opinion I found that a) the Church didn't support and help me enough and b) I didn't agree with a number of the Church's positions on things. I have learned I don't have to agree with everything. I am also realizing how members of my family find comfort in ritual, tradition, prayer and the idea of there being more.

And through all this and all my wishing, that it was as easy as when I was little and had all the Godly Faith in the world, I still find that I have a block in my path.

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