23 November, 2008

Mother Letter

I found this blog via another blog I read; I love the idea and wrote a letter myself (even thought I am not yet a mother).

Dear Mother,
I am not a Mother yet, and do not have any sage stories or trials of child rearing to share with you. But as a young woman who can still remember her years spent being reared I do have one plea: The rules aren't always right! When I was very young I was diagnoses with a learning disability, and at the time one of the ways for helping children who were LD and ADD was to remove all distractions from their learning area, and environment in general. My parents realizing my creativity did not do this, they just worked a little harder with me. And they gave me the gift of my very own desk; with drawers and cubbies to fill with crayons, paper and other creative distractions. My spelling is still not the strongest; but I later went on to the Talented and Gifted program, a Charter School for the Art and Humanities and a great small highly rated College. I now write poetry and essays, blog, and craft. And though I had many hard years in school, I learned how to focus myself, work at my faults, and were able to keep the things I loved and brought me joy in my life.

Much Luck and Peace,
Kate (a young writer with a rocky start)

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