16 May, 2008

Could it Be?

For many of us there is something in our lives that is a point of contention. And for me that point seems to be the need for me to work. I am thankful for having the job I do, but really I am not happy with it. I don't want to need a job, it is not that I want to be lazy, but to me having a job seems to have kept me from things. I have a limited amount of resources and I've been using them to pay the bills, when I have wanted to use them for the good of those around me.

But now a possible opportunity has come before me. My church is looking for a director of religious education; it is a paid, full time positions. It is a really wonderful opportunity that would allow me to do so many wonderful things. I'm just not sure if I am fully qualified. I have been looking to get more involved at church, and was thinking of RE. I was also planning on starting the search for a new job, but thought I might wait until later in the summer, because I have a vacation planned for August.

I really think this job would be wonderful and provide a great opportunity for growth. I don't normally ask, but please keep me in your prays/thoughts. I am going through a period of trial, I may not be trying my hardest to get through it, but this opportunity is so wonderful I think it might be the bit of hope to help me start working harder.



Nicole said...

Good luck to you in whatever you decide to do! Blessings sent to you...things will be as they are meant to be.

Mrs.KAOS said...

The job in question was not meant to be at the this time. But thank you. I am not giving up on finding a job that allows me to do good in this world. Thank yo again, and may you to Be Blessed.