16 September, 2008


Back in May there was an opening for a position at my church; I really wanted the job. I couldn't have written a better job description for myself if I tried. Well by the time I had found out about it, it was filled. But a new development has come along...

The lady they hired for the job has left do to health reasons. My health issues are beginning to improve and I was about to start looking into getting a new job. I spoke to the two women doing the hiring and have emailed my resume.

I really really want this job, its exactly what I want to do; if I can't be a stay/work from home wife and published writer. I hope that things have happened this way for a reason. I was pretty sick when the job originally came up; and I'm doing better now and it looks like I'll be getting better still.

Please keep your fingers crossed, and a few prays may help to. But if you do, please give a prayer for the former DRE who had to leave. Though I want her job, I would like her to recover quickly.

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