06 August, 2008


Sometimes its the small innocent beings in our lives that can effect us the most. I know many women in my life who have had their eyes open to a whole new array of things by there children. I have yet to be blessed with a human child, but a about three weeks ago my husband and I adopted a fuzzy child. Actually so fuzzy that we named him Fozzy. In the past week I have watched the lights on the Delaware River, a robin chirp in the early morning, seen mother duck tend to their ducklings and found were the bunnies who eat my garden live. I have met more neighbors in a week than in the whole prior year of living here. He has been great company for me during the day, and is an eager walking partner. He is definitely what our life needed right now.

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Anonymous said...

Too cute! Pets esp. dogs are prefect when we are/have been ill. They seem to "know."

Very best wishes,

Ann Marie