01 August, 2008

Chronic Illness and the Web

It is no secret that I have chronic health issues and that sometimes it gets the better of me, or at the very least my time. So to break my rut of not posting for fear of complaining too much I would like to share some of my favorite websites for dealing with Chronic Illness.

This site has some great info on integrative and alternative therapies; many people like non-drug options, or just need to help improve there overall wellness and quality of life.

This is a fun website with articles for the young and spunky who happen to be sick.

A great anecdote and lesson to learn by, 'don't use up all your spoons'

This site has some good general health and illness info.

And because a Lady needs pretty things in her life.

If any of you have sites you or your friends like, please share.

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