05 June, 2008

What's Up, What's Down

It's been a while, hasn't it. Things have been quite and busy all at the same time. My health has been poor, still. But it will be doing better. We have answers and we have plans to fix them. However in the mean time this blog will be taking a bit of different turn. Don't worry it's not for the worse.

Actually it may be for the better... The Better Health of All. This summer Healthy Living will be a major focus of this blog. I'm not yet sure if I will be doing any series or not, I guess we will figure that out as I do my research.

Also I will be posting some yummi new receipts, as I experiment with new healthy foods. Actually I have two receipts involving Venison that I need to type up and post for you all :)

So until then, I hope all is well in your worlds and that it continues to be.


Anonymous said...

it's polka dots -get an education

Mrs. Amy Brigham said...

Oh no! I hope you are back on your feeling better feet soon :o(

Looking forward to your recipes, whenever you are up to sharing again!