25 April, 2008

The Simple Life

Simplicity and the Simple Life seem to be on the minds of many in past days. I don't know if is a symptom of Spring Fever or a side effect of rising gas and food prices; but it has been on my mind too.

The search for something simple has always been in the plans for my husband and I, and now that we are coming up on our first wedding anniversary and have settled into our life together a little, it has become a goal of ours. However for us is not as easy a goal as we thought. We both work, I mostly full time and him more than full time. This makes convince food and instant gratification an easy way for us to eat at 8pm when we get home from work.

But while we try to work on the bigger issues there are some simple pleasures in our lives. I love to garden and have started growing veggies in pots out in front of our condo, hopefully this summer they will bless us with food at out finger tips. Also one of our favorite "dates" is going to the farmers market or during the winter the indoor Amish Market; my husband and I love to stroll, hold hands and talk to the sellers, it a louse us to feel active in our community and in our food choices.

One of the gifts that we give to each other for birthdays and other special occasions is parties; we throw something into the Crockpot and invite friends over to share the afternoon with us. The memories are fare better than any trinket that could be found hastily at a store. And this year for Christmas Ro got me crayons and paper, we'll sit and draw our dream home or just smiling little cows. Colouring is one of the small joys that adults seem to forget.

Eventually I will raise our own chickens and sheep like his mother does, embroider baby blankets like his grandmother does, bake bread like my mother does and grow bushels of vegetables like my grandmother does. But until that day, we will slowly slow down and begin to find what our Simple Life is.


Rhonda Jean said...

It's great to see you carrying on those family traditions, Mrs Kaos. I've added you to my blog post. Thanks fro sharing your story.

Lis said...

Make sure you learn those skills from your parents and grandparents. They are a big key to leading a simple life.

Still at Home said...

Very nice blog. I have been checking out the simple life stories from Down to earth blog. I understand the joy of crayons since my six year old requested some oil pastels. Such beautiful colours.
Best wishes, Ann.

pebbledash said...

Hello Mrs Kaos, just dropping by from Rhonda's. Thank you for sharing - and how lucky you are to have inspiration and guidance from your parents and grandparents. They can teach us so much! Diana